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Amazon’s Second Brick-And-Mortar Bookstore Will Be in San Diego

Amazon has been rumored to open hundred of bookstores all over the United States. That might still be far off but good new is that they will open their second bookstore on the West Coast. The company will open its latest location in San Diego this summer, according to the San Diego Tribune. The store[…]

Amazon says Exclusives store sales top $50 million in first year

Amazon says Exclusives store sales top $50 million in first year Amazon Exclusives, the company’s platform for products not available anywhere elsewhere sets a $50 million in less than a year since its launch.  The company, believes that the store serves as an important avenue for the retailer to get first dibs on new products[…]


5 Amazon Prime Secrets You Should Know About

Is the $99 per year price worth it to renew your Prime membership? Here’s a few of other Amazon Prime benefits that, when all added up, are worth much more than the shipping savings alone. Here are five of the lesser-known Prime perks: Unlimited Photo Storage: Utilizing the company’s cloud storage offerings, Prime members can archive[…]

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Amazon Prime now in 38% of U.S. Households

Amazon Prime In 38% of U.S. Households: Analyst Amazon’s premium shopping program, Prime can now be found in almost 40% of the US households. This amounts to about 41 million members according to a Cowen survey of 2500 U.S. shoppers, released on Wednesday. Amazon’s Prime membership which provides an extremely efficient distribution program is one[…]

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Cheaters do not always Prosper – Amazon Files 1,000 lawsuits against people for Malicious Reviewing

Mom was right. Cheaters do not prosper in the long run. There will always be those people who take advantage of the system and cut corners to take what seems like the easy route to do something we do not want to do, or to make a quick buck. It might work out in the short[…]