Amazon going Airborne & Changing the world yet again with the first Flying Warehouse / Aircraft

If someone were to tell you that a eCommerce store just launched a flying warehouse you would check to see if it was April 1st ( April fools) or maybe just crazy. ย Amazon has yet again, pushed the envelope and is changing the way commerce is done as they were just awarded a patient for[…]

Drastic Changes to Amazon Review Policies – No more Reviews for Products

Amazon continues to be in the headlines today when they announced a huge change in their policies that affects every seller and vendor. ย They are now no longer allowing reviews in exchange for free or discounted product. This has been abused by many sellers as product reviews and ratings are one of the highest weighted[…]

Amazon continuing to innovate and expand Internationally with “PrimeAir” in the UK

Amazon is continuing to innovate and expand not only here in the US and the Americas but also rapidly expanding throughout the entire world. I recently came back from the Philippines and saw Amazon India marketing hard over there, and they are already the largest eCommerce site in India. ย It is no surprise that they[…]