Amazon Pharmacy? Is there anything they will not try?

Amazon Pharmacy? Is there anything that Amazon will not try? It will not be easy entering the market but if Elon can create a car company from scratch and create the most valuable car company in the world in under 10 years, I am willing to bet Jeff Bezos can buy his way into the “Old boys” club that is big pharma and start slowly but surely taking away market share with the majority of the lazy Americans who do not want to leave their house for anything. Yes right now CVS and Walgreens have the lions share of the market now but so did warehouse music and Sears and look where they are now…
I could also see this being a perfect vertical for Prime Air – A light, expensive product that people need now and for the rest of the foreseeable future.

There are some barriers to entry but with Amazon’s budget, customer base, technology and infrastructure I think it is just a matter of time before Bezos at least throws a few hundred million at it to see if it sticks like he did with the Amazon fire phone.
Even if it fails miserably it will keep Amazon in the news, relevant and give them one more large tax write off.
What do you think?

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