Ever Expanding Amazon – Advertising, Finance & Airport hub

I have read to be wealthy having multiple streams of income is one of the best ways to accomplish this.  having 5 Income streams makes becoming financially free much easier. I have lost count of how many Amazon has, 25-45 and counting…

With their q4 sales up 22% at an staggering 43 billion they are not showing any signs of complacency or slowing down anytime soon. What started out as a online book retailer has quickly become one of the largest companies in the world, not in just eCommerce but now also with Amazon Web Services, Amazon Video, cloud storage, hosted services, grocery, Prime Now, Amazon Basics, Kindle and the list keeps going.

Their Advertising income is quietly increasing and slowing but surly taking market share away from Google.  They also are going into new verticals when they recently announced they are going into the banking industry with their new Amazon Credit card.  If that is not enough they are also building their own airport terminal & hub.

Thankfully I have been getting very busy as companies are realizing Amazon is not going anywhere anytime soon and looking at the best way to leverage Amazon to help achieve their goals. Amazon consulting & Amazon optimization is a new emerging discipline that will allow you to remain competitive and grow intelligently. If you are one of those companies, we would love to help.




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