Amazon going Airborne & Changing the world yet again with the first Flying Warehouse / Aircraft

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-8-29-42-amIf someone were to tell you that a eCommerce store just launched a flying warehouse you would check to see if it was April 1st ( April fools) or maybe just crazy.  Amazon has yet again, pushed the envelope and is changing the way commerce is done as they were just awarded a patient for the first flying warehouse.  Amazon is feeding our western need for immediate gratification even further with this new innovate delivery model that will function like a mix between a blimp, aircraft carrier and drone bomber. It is not yet known exactly what this will look like    this warehouse will house and hold several smaller delivery drones that can be deployed as soon as a purchase comes through that has been ordered through prime Now and can deliver packages in MINUTES not hours.

This will obviously not be used for all products, such as lower cost heavier items but I am sure Amazon will continue to spend money, research and come up with an efficient way to feed our growing thirst for convenient shopping and consumption. If nothing else, this innovation & others could be doubled as a marketing expense as they continue to generate buzz, and stay relevant in the media. Well played Amazon.



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