Black Friday, once a day, now an entire month

The days of being trampled or camping out for days has thankfully passed. Online retailers like Amazon are doing whatever they can to encourage binge shopping from now until Christmas. They are offering a different deal every 5 minutes from now until December 22nd. Others are following suit as well, Walmart has made a huge push to compete directly with Amazon and with their purchase of and their urgency with getting other products up for sell is working. They are starting to capture more and more market share but have not yet scratched the surface or made a huge impact.

More and more people are shopping early according to National retail federation, almost 40% of shoppers have started as early as Halloween. Make sure you are taking best advantage of this selling season and if you need any help promoting and growing on Amazon we would love to help how we can. Finish 2016 strong and have a great holiday season.

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