Amazon continuing to innovate and expand Internationally with “PrimeAir” in the UK

Prime AirAmazon is continuing to innovate and expand not only here in the US and the Americas but also rapidly expanding throughout the entire world. I recently came back from the Philippines and saw Amazon India marketing hard over there, and they are already the largest eCommerce site in India.  It is no surprise that they are using some of the same marketing tactics and innovations to grab the attention and headlines across the world.

Amazon proved the concept here in the states and have been proactive and working with the CAA (Europe’s version of the FAA) to get the approval for their “PrimeAir” and be delivering packages as quick as 30 minutes before the US. With technology improving daily and less restrictions I think this is a great pivot for Amazon and going to other countries that have less bureaucracy and rules will allow them to continue to innovate, and re-write how companies look at business and commerce.

Amazon’s VP of Global innovation has been complaining about how congress and the FAA dragged its feet on giving Amazon permission to test out unmanned aircraft for delivery purposes.”  I have never heard of congress and the government not being efficient….?  Not a big surprise at all.

Do you think it will pass or is this just another way for Amazon to stay relevant in the News?

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