Amazon files patent to use selfies as passwords

Soon people can pay in Amazon via their selfies. According to a patent filed by Amazon on Oct. 19 that was published Thursday, selfies could provide the next level of protection for consumers. It argued that a selfie-pay system would be more secure than traditional passwords. It can be true since passwords can be stolen or hacked.
Amazon is currently working out the details of its payment system, but offered several options for how it could prevent imposters from tricking cameras. One proposed idea was to use thermal imaging. “The thermal image captured of a human face will be very different than one captured for a piece of paper, as there will be a significant variance in the thermal characteristics of regions such as the eyes, nose, and mouth of a physical user, while these variations will not be present in a photograph,” the patent application reads.
Another option would be to have customers perform different actions, like blinking their left eye or smiling. The technology could also monitor for normal activity, like blinking, in a 30-second window.
Although this is very convenient in the age of smartphones Amazon has not indicated when the technology could be put into place for shopping use.
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