Amazon joins Microsoft, other tech giants backing Apple in FBI encryption fight

In a recent event, Apple has been asked by the federal government to unlock an iPhone but the company does not want to do so. A California court has ordered Apple to provide technical and software assistance for unlocking an iPhone 5c. According to the FBI, the phone in question belongs to the employer of Syed Rizwan Farook, who was responsible for the San Bernardino shooting with his wife. However, Rizwan was the one using the iPhone 5c at that time. The shooting wounded 22 people and killed 14 and the FBI is investigating the case.


The company’s decision to go against hacking is now being backed by major tech companies. Those include Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will be filing an amicus brief to support Apple. Now, it appears that Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet are working with Microsoft on the brief as well, to be filed as a joint submission. Amazon told Buzzfeed that it is also “working on amicus brief options.” Twitter is working on its own supporting brief as well.

With some of the biggest U.S. tech firms backing Apple people’s views may change when they see how many American companies are worried about the implications of an FBI win.

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