Amazon also owns 7 Clothing Brands

Amazon is not just content to becoming the ecommerce giant of today. The company has spread its wings to take on the apparel market in a major way.

amazon clothing

The online retailer recently launched seven in-house fashion labels that sell a range of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. Amazon registered its new fashion brand trademarks in Europe through a Luxembourg-based subsidiary called Amazon Technologies.

Amazon is selling their apparels under the following labels, which gives no clue that they are owned by Amazon.

  • Franklin & Freeman – Men’s dress shoes
  • Franklin Tailored – Men’s suits and accessories
  • James & Erin – Women’s clothing
  • Lark & Ro – Women’s clothing (Also available in Canada)
  • Society New York – Women’s clothing
  • North Eleven – Women’s accessories for cold weather
  • Scout + Ro – Children’s clothing

Most of the prices are below $100 and they are being very strategic about it. Edward Yruma in an interview with CNNMoney said that Amazon is successful in this initiative, it could be “disruptive to the whole industry.”

So the next time you purchase an apparel in Amazon then you should know if it was made by Amazon.

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