Amazon’s Treasure Truck Is On the Move

Amazon has set the Treasure Truck free in the streets of to bridge the gap between online and real world commerce.

The Treasure Truck makes the moveable feast of goods open for business to the people of its home city.


So each day, the truck sets out with a limited quantity of a select good that consumers can order via the Amazon mobile app. They then meet the truck at the arranged location and presto — all the fun of buying stolen goods from the mafia, with none of the attendant illegality.

The race, however, is for the swift. The inaugural item, a GoPro Hero4 Black video camera, was sold out entirely with an hour of going on offer.

Amazon has been talking about the possibility of the treasure truck since last summer and it dovetails nicely with its other moves in physical retail of late, including bookstores and a patent that would make POS transaction easier at locations other than a centrally located point of sale.

As for our readers living in Seattle and quaking with fear they might miss the truck, good news: You can sign up to be alerted about the deals as they come via the Amazon app. Credits to for first posting this article.

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