Amazon generates more US Jobs

Seattle- Amazon continues to expand by creating more jobs to the people, in their newly built warehouse in Kent they are now hiring 1200 people to fill in the operations. The facility is quite large and uses state of the art robotics technology, such facility could cost around $100 million. The staff in Kent will work alongside an army of robots to pack and ship small orders; like books, electronics and toys. Amazon ensures that the workers will be given “competitive” hourly wages, healthcare, 401(k) plans and stock awards.kent

As of the moment Amazon has not yet disclosed when the Kent warehouse will it start its operations but according to company’s spokesperson they are “to move quickly.”

Amazon continues to build its warehouses in key cities, these expensive facilities can reduce the shipping times across the US to exceed and meet the expectations of the customers when it comes to delivery time, especially during the holiday season.

The e commerce giant has five fulfillment centers in the area which are, in Bellevue, Seattle, DuPont, Sumner and now Kent. Three of them — Kent, Sumner and DuPont — are highly automated. There is really a lot of things going on with Amazon’s expansion this year. Let’s hope that everything goes out as planned since in the end the customers will be the one to benefit from the results. More information on this news item hit the link

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