Amazon Refunds All Hoverboards

Due to safety concerns, Amazon is now offering a refund for all hover boards purchased through their online channel. The refund is in response to the rash of fires and falls for the two wheeled balanced board.151214100212-hoverboard-sales-780x439

CPSC chairman Elliot F. Kaye “At first glance, it is easy to believe the risk of falling off a hover board is an obvious one and to dismiss those injuries as user inexperience or error. However, I am concerned, for example, that the current designs of these products might not take fully into consideration the different weights of different users, potentially leading to the units speeding up or lurching.”

We’ve seen viral videos and stories of different hover boards causing some explosions and fires. Indeed making this toy a very dangerous one for parents to give to their children. In December, Amazon started to offer refunds for all hover boards purchased in the UK. Just recently they are now refunding US and Canada. It also stopped selling certain hoverboard models around the world.

The concern on safety of the consumers comes first for Amazon and it’s good to see them taking a very responsible action on this. More info on this news hit the link


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