Amazon Drone Delivery Service Will Carry 5-Pound Packages Over 10 Miles In 30 Minutes

Everyone is now getting excited about Amazon Prime Air as the company is planning to rollout the service to its users as soon as possible.

drone 1

According to Yahoo Tech, Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, gave some more details about the company’s plans, how it will tackle regulation and red tape, and detailed just how the drones would work. Misener revealed that Amazon plans to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds in weight using the drones and that this would account for the vast majority of items purchased on Amazon. Amazon is developing a range of different drones suitable for the different environments its customers live in — taking into account weather, distance and potential obstacles — but all would be able to cover a distance of 10 miles and deliver packages within 30 minutes.

Amazon is hopeful that Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) will soon be able to release the regulations for commercial drones. According to Misener “We believe that the FAA must begin, in earnest, planning for the rules that are more sophisticated, that go to the kinds of operations that Amazon Prime Air will encompass. And other countries already are doing this.”

This is really a big leap for Amazon and soon the other ecommerce company will follow their lead. Wondering how awesome when you will get your first Amazon drone delivery? Hit the link

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