Amazon Will Soon Ship Packages from China to the U.S. by Sea

Amazon has just obtained a shipping license in China which is part of expanding Amazon’s reach to do business all over the world. With this license, Amazon will be able to ship items via sea which will benefit the large scale sellers. According to Ryan Petersen, chief executive of Flexport “This could allow them to go direct to the factories in China to sell to consumers in the United States.”

amazon building

This is another big boosts for the business as Amazon is the first e commerce retailing company that has acquired such license compared to its competitors which buys space in shipping vessels for their shipments.

“Amazon China now has the appropriate paperwork to provide ocean freight services for other companies,” the blog post read. “This is Amazon’s first step toward entering the $350 billion ocean freight market.”

With Amazon acquiring a shipping company, having its own planes and soon a ship might be added on the list international shipping has just become better. More info to this new follow with the link

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