Free Money from Amazon by Downloading an App

Now this latest Amazon offer will surely catch your attention.   It’s for real; the company has just released a list of applications that you can download in exchange for some free money.

All you need to do is download one of the applications from the list and you will get a $5 credit which you can use to purchase any product from or digital content sold by Amazon Digital Services.

The process is quite easy, first download the Amazon Underground application to your device and then select from the list of apps that they offer.  Take note though that you have to side load it, so make sure that your device is enabled to install apps from unknown sources.  Once Amazon Underground has been installed on the handset all you need to do is open up the list of qualifying free apps and download any one of them to get the free $5 credit.

Amazon Underground is a free app program where the company will offer apps that are truly free.   This should replace the “Free App of the Day” program where they offer paid apps, free for download for 24 hours.

Visit the Amazon Underground website for more details.

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