Survey shows why Americans love Amazon / Amazon’s Security puts it on Top of the Game

Amazon has been on top of the e-commerce industry but the company has been very keen in giving out information about the amazing success of their business.  Thanks to the efforts of the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, some facts about Amazon’s tremendous influence on the online shopping industry has just been uncovered.

Based on the survey, 40 percent of all adults search Amazon “always” or “most of the time” when shopping online, compared to just 10 percent who say they never include Amazon in an online search.  However, it is more interesting to learn that 50 percent of those Americans searching in Amazon are actually making a purchase which is way above the current retail industry’s conversation rate, wherein only 3 percent turns out to become a purchase.

So are you wondering what the main reasons why people choose Amazon?  The survey’s top results make a lot of sense since the top reason is security and the second most important consideration is the price.  It might be quite surprising to some that pricing only comes in second but the really surprising information is that the Amazon Prime service that gives online shoppers free shipping actually ranked at the bottom of the survey.

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