Watch out Netflix Amazon is Coming

Amazon-Instant-VideoAmazon is extending its virtual muscles across the Pond this morning as it announcing its new partnership with Roku Video expanding its library of available movies and TV shows to some of the hottest 50,000 shows and movies out there. This adds a significant number of popular titles to growing number of 15k already available to the UK prime users.
Roku president could not be more excited “Amazon Video is one of the most popular streaming services among British consumers and we are delighted to make it available to our UK customers,” said Ed Lee, vice president of content acquisition at Roku. “With the addition of Amazon Video in the UK we now have the most comprehensive streaming channel line-up among major video streaming services and catch-up TV channels.”
I can already feel Amazon slowly but surly creeping its away across the globe and having a similar virus like growth affect in other countries similar to the United States as soon as they can get their infrastructure set up and start getting people addicted to the ease and connivence of shopping in the new 21st century where waiting anything over 24 hours is archaic.

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