Amazons best selling product is not much of a Product at all

When you think of Amazon what do you think of?

I would be willing to bet that you do not think of Amazon as the fast growing IT company but they are. Amazon Web Services(AWS) started 9 years ago and is about to surpass 10 Billion by next year and it is crazy to me to think that this all started as a good business decision to generate revenue with an unused resource…Like any good business, the AWS has evolved from doing one or two services to now offering a whole host of services. These are affordable, scale-able virtual platforms of which because of their economies of scale, they are able to offer these services at a very competitive rate. Amazon now has a million customers, some of the most reputable are Netflix and GE. If they continue at this trend, Amazon Web Services division could be worth 160 Billion dollars by 2017.

CNN money reported Amazon achieved this faster than Apple – 19 years, Microsoft took 22 years, and Oracle at 23 years. Bravo Jeff, well done!

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