$273,972,602 sold on Amazon every day, How Much are YOU making?

2015 Projection Over 100 Million
100 Million / 365 = $273,972,602 EVERY DAY and growing.
300 Million Customers, 40 Million Prime just in the USA

Yes you buy things on it probably every day, but how much of your revenue is coming from Amazon? If your answer is not between 30-75% you are missing out on lost revenue. Commerce as we know it has changed before your eyes, and Amazon is leading the charge. With over 300 Million customers and growing and over 40 Million Prime customers, Amazon is changing how manufacturers do business. The old days of needing thousands of people to sell your product and giving away all of your profit has changed. Before you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your Website, managing your website and marketing, social media IT and 10 other vendors. Amazon has replaced the need for most of them but now you need to someone to manage Amazon. Selling to Amazon on Amazon is risky. Learning how to do anything takes time and you make mistakes. Mistakes cost Money. Let us help compress your time lines and mitigate the amount of mistakes, take market share from your competitors and seamlessly integrate Amazon with your existing business.

Amazon mAde eZ. We specialize in helping companies streamline their product offering and mitigate risk and exposure when selling and expanding on Amazon; or simply put, “We are the SEO for Amazon” We have had great success helping growing companies similar to yours increase their reviews, revenue and Profit on Amazon.

We leverage our proprietary processes and technology of Amazon to help build an automated, scalable infrastructure that integrates with your existing business systems. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the Amazon Algorithm helps us to optimize your content and product offering winning the buy box more and gaining greater market share. We are continuously improving and building out our Amazon Algorithm and analytical tools to help you stay ahead of your competition and maximize the ROI.

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