Thanksgiving Amazon sales up almost 30% from last Year – Are you ready for Christmas?

The writing has been on the wall for a while and while some companies have ignored the opportunity, others are taking full advantage. Channel Advisor, one of the largest Sass technology companies that helps people and companies sell across hundreds of sales channels has just reported an increase of almost 50% in sales online with a[…]

amz xmas

Amazon keeping the Christmas Holiday spirit for ecommerce – Shipping on Sunday!

“I volunteered for this,” USPS supervisor Eric Larson said, as he looked over the package report and turn-by-turn routes mail carriers would be given that day in a Riverside postal hub. “I’m all about getting the mail ready for our carriers.” “It’s neat,” Alfonso Pelayo agreed. “Getting packages to people is the best. It’s like[…]


Watch out Netflix Amazon is Coming

Amazon is extending its virtual muscles across the Pond this morning as it announcing its new partnership with Roku Video expanding its library of available movies and TV shows to some of the hottest 50,000 shows and movies out there. This adds a significant number of popular titles to growing number of 15k already available[…]

$273,972,602 Sales A DAY

$273,972,602 sold on Amazon every day, How Much are YOU making?

2015 Projection Over 100 Million 100 Million / 365 = $273,972,602 EVERY DAY and growing. 300 Million Customers, 40 Million Prime just in the USA Yes you buy things on it probably every day, but how much of your revenue is coming from Amazon? If your answer is not between 30-75% you are missing out[…]