Amazon Profits push Stock over $600 – Bezos Laughing all the way to the bank –

If you do not know, know you know…..Amazon is taking over. Everywhere you look Amazon is there, news, stocks, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not see those damn smiling boxes EVERYWHERE, they are taking over like a virus.  America is addicted to shopping and Jeff Bezos is the best enabler we have ever seen. He is has catered to our obsession with materialism, over spending and overall laziness making it easier and easier for you to get all the things you do not need now in as little as an Hour for Free if you have prime… Thank you Jeff, I needed that my little Pony doll NOW!!!

I do respect Jeff and Amazon for how Amazon they are consistently changing the way we look at what a successful business model looks like and how they are are dominating the archaic brick and motor stores. Amazon has consistently proven most of the financial analyst and speculators just WRONG and now and Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank.Amazon had its 3rd profitable quarter in the last year, which is surprising seeing is how they are just now about to really start ramping up and making money over the selling season, especially since their customers are up 17% to almost 300Million from a year ago. Pretty much in a flash of an eye he made 5 Billion, moving him up to the third richest person in the world. Not to shabby for someone who started selling books out of his garage.    I am eager to see what numbers they are going to do in Q4 and how long it is going to take Jeff to chase down Bill Gates at #1?

If he can do it, why not you, or me? Or at least if you have a business you are starting to look around and wonder what you and your business are doing to integrate and take advantage of Amazon before your competitors do?  The only constant is change, and change is here, ARE YOU READY?

We here at Amazon mAde eZ specialize in helping companies streamline their product offering and mitigate risk and exposure when selling and expanding on Amazon; or simply put – “We are the SEO for Amazon” We have been selling on Amazon for the past 10 years and have developed a proprietary process and technology that allows us to take advantage of the Amazon Algorithm and help our clients generate Millions of dollars a year.

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